Looking Back to Look Forward: Muyueh 李慕約(2013-2014)

The following is a list of Visualization that I have been working on. My motivation behind most of the graphs was to build efficient dashboards for business customers. For that reason, the graph may lack a clear storyline that is suitable for the general public's understanding.

A POC (Proof of Concept) utilizing actual data from the Xinzhu area, the dashboard can analyze accident pattern in weekday/weekend, around school, and at different hours of the day. (With Odie Ko, traffic officer from Xinzhu).

Photo taken from camera has long/lat info encoded in it. The dashboard can stream the most popular photos, and cross filter time/geolocation/keyword: "photo tagged #delicious, taken in the Taipei area in winter" will probably help you find a great hot pot in Taipei. (Using photo data from Pixnet, the largest Internet content service provider in Taiwan).

Used R to analyze over 1 GB of vegetable transaction data (127 kind of vegetable over 20 years). In the near future the trained model will be able to predict vegetable price in advance. (With two Economics Professors from National Taiwan University).

Nuclear Calculator Project

Spent 300+ hours building energy forecast model that allow people to choose trade-off between different energy sources. (With Ray Luo, BCG consultant).

A POC of how menu/online shopping can be improved by multi-filtering, since making choice is increasingly difficult. The visualization is also helpful in case your children have peanut allergy, and you want to have peace of mind when ordering food.

Green Honey Problem

I was wondering how language differs in their color name. In English most popular color are blue > green > pink > red, while in Chinese the most popular colors are: red > blue > green.

A POC of using tabular visualization on the Import/Export dataset. (With Toley Huang, expert from the trading company; the tabular visualization technique has been featured by the Safari Blog)

Other Visualizations that I made for fun:

Apart from helping the graduate school of journalism at NTU, I am also involved in teaching the Data Science Program (With R ggplot2), and held visualization workshop at the good_lab (HK), SIGuangzhou (China) and will be sharing at PyCon APAC 2014.

Fun fact: I am also the curator of a local TEDx event, and have helped 80+ people to prepare their TEDx talk. Starting for last year, I have been learning computer music (Pure Data) and had my first live performance with composer Chen Ying-ying. I also started to run half marathon (3h).

Muyueh 李慕約